Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Saturday 1st March, Hands on Day in The Back Garden

Hi folks

We could really do with some physical help in The Back Garden on Saturday 1st of March, there are a few quite heavy jobs required to ready the garden for this season; if you have half an hour or more to help out it would be much appreciated and you will be rewarded with a warm cuppa of your choice and maybe even some home baking if we're lucky.

Please feel free to bring along any family and friends, all are welcome; even if you just want to find out what's happening and say hello.

We hope to see you in The Back Garden soon.

Thursday, 16 January 2014

Christmas Veg. from The Back Garden Dec. 2013

I was so delighted with the Parsnip, Carrots and Sprouts from The Back Garden on my Christmas dinner plate this year.  Proof that the back and finger nail breaking, blood, sweat and tears were all well worth it.
Yyummmmy too!
I will be planning well a-head this year I can tell you.

You could also have delicious home grown goodies to adorn your plate, come along and see if you like what you see, become a member, put in as much time as you can muster (1 or 2 hour a week is not much) and you could be learning new skills, making new friends and enjoying time out doors.
As advertised; No Experience Necessary, I became a member a while ago and by no means am I green fingered, I am still learning, we all are.  Gardening is a never ending learning curve, with weather, pests and other things never doing what they did the previous season; it really is a rewarding past time.