Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Winter Opening

Unfortunately there will be no more Saturday gardening.  Hopefully evening and weekend times will resume in the spring.

As I am sure you can appreciate it is not the time of year for being out in the elements, so I am afraid The Back Garden will only be open weather permitting from now until the end of February.

Should you be passing and see signs of life please do pop in and say hello.

We hope you get through the winter warmly and the festivities festively; all the very best of wishes for the coming New Year.

Compost Care must be followed if we want the best quality for The Back Garden


When composting, take an equal amount of Green Materials (vegetable & plant) and Brown Materials (shredded paper & card board), making sure everything is broken up quite small.

Also remember to crush up egg shells for addition.

When turning compost you could use the rotavator, a fork or trowel; this can be quite messy.
NO Plastic, Avocado seeds, Citrus or cooked food packaging to be added to the compost.

A plastic compost bin remains for woodier waste.

Happy Composting!