Thursday, 19 April 2012

Spring in the back garden

The garden is showing signs of life.
Here it is this week - note the far away raised bed that Clare has given some serious TLC. If we get deformed carrots out of there this year we may have to give up on them.

If you've not been to the garden recently, it would love to see you. New for this year are eight fruit trees, a greenhouse that we actually might use this time, a seed rack in the polytunnel and various crops planted at the right time of year rather than the hurried planting we did last year once the garden opened.

Things that are already worth picking:

  • kale
  • rocket and watercress - both of which are pretty fiery
  • cress
  • lovage - and there's going to be lots of it, so do try to use it
  • curry plant
  • sage
  • lemon balm - makes a nice relaxing tea
  • sorrell - very fashionable and hard to get in the shops
  • purple sprouting broccoli
Nina Baker, local councillor for the Greens, was round today with Harriet Brace, Freelance Multimedia Journalist and Assistant Editor (Local News) at the Glasgow Journal, who was filming in our garden for a project.

I'm not sure I want to see the finished results as they may involve me talking on camera, but Harriet has promised to show us the video once it's done. Here she is:

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